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Experienced science and medical writers can help maintain the reputation and credibility so essential for your organisation.

Your communications to specialists and health professionals must be accurate while also compelling them to continue reading and take action. Similarly, your collateral for consumers must help readers to understand. People are awash in words and you have to engage them quickly. Words that don’t engage are a waste of time and money. Contact us and see if we can help.

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Newsletters and reports

What makes a good newsletter? Compelling words. A strong structure. Knowledge of your subject. An engaging tone. All of which are best achieved by a professional journalist or writer. Writing newsletters requires similar skills to writing a story – it must be written in a way that draws the reader in and inspires them to want to know more.

If you need to generate articles or reports for healthcare professionals, scientists or general consumers in either hard copy or online or if you would like assistance editing your existing articles, ScribblersInc loves flexing their feature-writing muscles. Contact us if you’re having trouble getting your message across.

Current and past clients:

  • Movember Foundation
  • National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre
  • Blink Creative
Web content

Let’s face it. Communicating medical or scientific information isn’t easy. When you are writing for the web, the content needs to be understood and engaging and let’s not forget – credible. In healthcare, if you are communicating with consumers, the message you convey has to be spot on. Even healthcare content needs some smart search engine optimisation but the words on your site still need to be compelling. Your website is not a billboard.

Do the words speak in a language your target audience relates to and will respond to? Does the content give your target audience something valuable they can’t get from any other website or organisation? Is there something you ask them to do that captures their information, attention and starts a real relationship? How many people actually read your website? Contact ScribblersInc and find out if we can help.

Current and past clients:

  • Victorian Department of Health and Human Services
  • Queensland Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games
  • Austin Medical Research Foundation
  • Neural Diagnostics
Meeting reports/proceedings

If you are organising a meeting, the last thing you need is a writer who doesn’t get it right and increases your workload and the workload of your subject matter experts. All this means is more fussing around at the reviewing and revision stages. The academic and technical experience of our writers means you can be confident reports will be written in a

comprehensive, accurate and meaningful manner. Save time and create extra value to your meeting reports by having them prepared off site. Prompt delivery and accurate writing means your reports become a valuable resource. If you need it all, we might be able to help. Contact us.

Current and past clients:

  • Smith & Nephew
  • Parexel MMS
  • Solvay Pharmaceuticals Australia
Advertorials, presentations, flyers

Writing content for medical advertorials, presentations and flyers requires genuine understanding of the worlds of medicine or science and the worlds of communication and promotion. ScribblersInc are in the unique position of having the skills to bridge the gap between these worlds. Entrust your medical advertorials,

presentations and flyers to writers who will get your message across accurately and clearly. Talk to us about how we can help with your campaign to deliver the information your consumers, clients or patients need in a way they will understand. Need the lot? Contact us.

Current and past clients:

  • Hospira
  • Parexel MMS
  • Solvay Pharmaceuticals Australia
Academic writing

With backgrounds in academic research, writing and editing, ScribblersInc writers understand the level of attention and accuracy that is required for this kind of work. Services include editing theses, and helping with writing or editing articles for academic journals online or offline or creating content for educational collateral.

ScribblersInc medical writers and editors have many peer-reviewed papers, invited reviews and patents to our names. We know the research game. But we also have experience as professional academic editors. Your manuscript can get the full treatment. Contact ScribblersInc to find out if we can help with your project.

Current and past clients:

  • University of Melbourne, Department of Management and Marketing
  • Neural Diagnostics
  • Parexel MedCom
Annual reports

Do you need copywriters who understand medical and scientific concepts and know how to engage audiences? ScribblersInc copywriters are expert at writing and editing annual reports based on the information you provide. We can ensure your report is contemporary, appealing and will stand out in its field.

Putting time aside to prepare your annual report can eat into regular business and productivity. ScribblersInc knows your time is precious. If your delivery date is looming, contact us and ease the pressure on yourself and your staff by outsourcing this task.

Current and past clients:

  • Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute
  • Austin Medical Research Foundation
  • Monash University, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Technical writing

Creating manuals and modules for education or industry-specific training requires thorough research and a good awareness of the audience. ScribblersInc writers pride themselves on writing and editing modules and training assessment tools, software technical

manuals and content for safety manuals that are relevant and easily read by members of the industry for which they are created. Contact us to discuss your project.

Current and past clients:

  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Yarra Trams
  • Sports Knowledge Australia
  • Evado